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Update 13 June 2016

 Road paving is getting underway as we get past the spring rains. Weather delays have occurred for our contracted paving projects. More rain could delay paving projects further. This will bring the total number of roads paved in the last 7 1/2 years to 22.5 miles.

 Waterloo repaving from Pine (Air Depot) to Midwest, is to start Wednesday, the 15th. One lane should remain open with traffic flaggers. Please exercise patience and caution while going through this mile. The project will take 5 to 6 days.

 Charter Oak paving from Midwest going east to the half mile will start today and end Tuesday. The road will stay open but will have flaggers. AT&T has still not relocated a fiber optic and a 900pr cable off of a plugged up culvert just to the west of Petty's Pitstop so that it can be replaced.

 Westminster from Waterloo to Simmons is expected to begin no later than Monday, the 27th. Depending on how our other paving projects go, it could be sooner.

 A commitment was made by Ray Vaughn, Ok District 3 commissioner, Brian Taylor, ODOT Div 4 and myself to pursue federal funding through ACOG for an extension of the I-35/Waterloo ODOT project. Currently, five lanes are planned for a quarter mile east and west of I-35. Federal funding will be pursued to extend a three lane reconstruction of Waterloo Rd to Pine (Air Depot) and to Sooner with a pledge by Brian Taylor to provide the engineering.

 Traffic Signals, Inc, with their company on Boucher Dr just to the west of the Waterloo/I-35 intersection, has agreed to donate the temporary use of signal lights with installation and Ok Co D3 has agreed to accept maintenance costs for the lights till 2021. A meeting on the 24th will discuss any changes to the engineering plans for this intersection. ODOT hopes to complete the project in October or November. It is my plan to construct a westbound right turn lane onto Sooner at this time.

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